Service plan: plus


(Start for wholesalers)

49,99 €

per month

Upload Documents500
Upload Videos15
Upload Galleries5
Upload Items
Upload images, files and long texts for your items
mobile Usage
Access everything:
Images, videos, galleries and item-related files

Twice good: The most current marketing material for wholesalers and an optimization of your service.

By using OXOMI plus, producers support wholesalers in optimally presenting their products by providing documents, images, long texts, videos and galleries relating to their products.

Having a portal additionally and easily enables you to optimize your service, as a source of information for your field staff as well as for a simple presentation of your catalogues on your website.

In-house staff

More and more companies run their own portals – How about you? The advantage: The documents that you provide in OXOMI are also available for employees in the form of an information portal on every screen. By that, you replace your catalogue cabinet – Your employees will be grateful. Without the installation of software, without the preparation of data but with a cross-document search and a paperclip function.

Field staff (optionally with the iPad app OXOMI Pocket)

If the field staff is equipped with iPads, it's the logical consequence to entrain catalogues, prospects as well as data and price sheets. Therefore, we're offering a powerful app: OXOMI Pocket. The synchronization of your OXOMI portal ist only a few clicks away. After that, the chosen documents will be saved on your device. Looks good, works without UMTS and offers the paperclip function as well as the cross-document search.


Offer your visitors a comfortable presentation of your marketing material in a special PDF-Viewer. The content is directly drawn from OXOMI and doesn't have to be attended separately. Save your time and nerves.

Download area

Configure a complete service page with your OXOMI account and place it on your website. The documents appear in a nice viewer – Featured images and download links are included. Centrally managed in OXOMI, always up to date.


Offer your fans on facebook something new – for example, all your catalogues and prospects in a viewer including the possibility to download. By the aid of OXOMI, this is realised within five minutes.

OXOMI partners

The catalogue cabinet in business houses is replaced and all employees in all subsidiaries will be able to access the same documents on their screens. The content is directly drawn from the producer via partnership. The customers of the wholesalers will also be reached: Many portals are specially configured for them as well as offering product information in original quality.

Offline partners

You can now also reach customers having no OXOMI account (so-called offline partners) with only a few clicks. Load an Excel chart with customer data – all entered persons will automatically receive an e-mail. Within this e-mail, there's a list of all documents that you uploaded in OXOMI including download links and featured images.

You as an admin will exactly see A) at what time e-mails have been sent and B) at what time documents have been downloaded. By uploading a new document, all these customers will be automatically notified again.

Expansive "manual" emailing of PDFs therefore will be a thing of the past. By now, you simply create customers who are interested in your marketing material as an offline partner in OXOMI – that's it.